"Burner Cover King" and "Kitchen King Wholesale Distributors" is a subsidiary of Mary Ann's Kitchen Gadgets, a family-owned kitchen supply retail outlet chain founded nearly 10 years ago at the Pecan Park Flea Market in Jacksonville, Florida.

Mary Ann's Kitchen Gadgets started life as a flea market business with the goal of supplying hard-to-find, quality kitchen items and restaurant supply commercial grade kitchen products at low prices to homemakers and professionals alike.  In her quest for more and ever-more new items for her store, she happened across an importer who specialized in burner covers (among other things).  She fell in love with these beautiful items at once, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Mary Ann now carries over 250 different burner cover patterns in four distinct styles in her stores, and is always looking for more.  Customers come from hundreds of miles (no kidding!!!) just to buy special, hard-to-find burner covers, and travelers from the North (yes, the "Snow-Birds) always stop in to say hello, swap recipes, and buy her cookware, kitchen gadgets, and burner covers. Her daughters Lois and Linda, being excellent cooks and bakers like their mother, became interested in the kitchen gadget business, and soon there were two more flea market "kitchen shops". 

Today her stores carry over 2000 different items, from Apple Corers to Zesters, and include fine stainless steel pots, pans and cookware sets, commercial pots, pans, stockpots and dutch ovens, Forschner and American-made Rada cutlery, stainless steel utensils, Ekco bake ware, hundreds of different kitchen gadgets, and, of course, burner covers.

You can visit her stores on any weekend in Jacksonville, Florida, at the Pecan Park Flea Market and the Beach Boulevard Flea Market, and at Keller's Flea Market in Savannah, Georgia.  And, right here on the "web".

See you soon.


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